Flowchart: Let’s Grab a Beer!

Chart layout by James Norton / Heavy Table

This chart, of course, just scratches the surface and — due to space and organizational concerns — omits many other worthy establishments (Stub & Herb’s, Acadia, Groveland Tap, etc. and so forth). We hope that this is the beginning, not the end, of many a quest for a great local pint or bottle.

Doug Hoverson is the author of Land of Amber Waters: The History of Brewing in Minnesota (University of Minnesota Press, 2007).

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  1. James Norton

    Aaron, precisely right re: Chatterbox. I think the original chart had language to that effect, but the result was a flowchart even more comically overstuffed than this one.

  2. Steve Wright

    “Brewery too clean” -> “Belgian” is comic gold. Looking forward to future versions of this flowchart. Bulk it out and it would make a great poster.

  3. Aaron Landry


    Unless something has changed recently I would beg to differ. Maybe a two-stop pub crawl is in order. Or heck, just go back and forth between the Muddy Pig and the Happy Gnome after each beer. That’s a Saint Paul Belgian Beer Pub Crawl right there.

  4. Aaron Landry

    Well, while the Happy Gnome Beer list might be up-to-date online, the Muddy Pig beer list online is just an excerpt from their three-ring binder and huge chalkboard.

    For me, this discussion is worth going to both places ASAP to make a determination.

  5. Aaron Landry

    I wouldn’t call it ignorance, the Muddy Pig’s website sucks. To their defense, however, they switch up what they have on tap and in stock on a continual basis. Some pages in their beer menu binders change weekly.

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