Flowchart: Let’s Grab Sushi!



  1. Wet Blanket

    Before you enter this chart, you need to ask:

    Does anyone in your group care that Minnesota is not near an ocean?

    YES -> go to another flowchart

  2. James Norton

    That’s both unfair and fair. Unfair in that Minneapolis is an air hub, and we get fresh fish from both coasts daily. Fair in that while I’ve had a number of good sushi experiences here, they don’t equal the best ones I’ve had in New York, San Diego, or the Bay area.

  3. Shawn

    Tanpopo Noodle House in St Paul has tasty sushi rolls, if the fish is fresh enough. They won’t serve you anything questionable.

  4. Chad

    FYI – Azuki Sushi is closed.

    Too bad too – because they had very broad menu, and nice service (hot tea while waiting for take out!)

    There is supposed to be yet-another-sushi restaurant there in the near future…

  5. Rich G

    As much as I hate to say it, one place left off the list is pretty stellar — Seven. If you can deal with the bizarre decor, TVs and occasionally annoying music (and avoid weekend nights entirely), the best sushi experience in the Twin Cities is there. Tomoyo (the head sushi chef) is amazing.

  6. geoff

    I follow that top line for Origami Omakase FTW every time. That’s just how I roll.

    And I like to look at it like this…we can claim to have better Atlantic sourced fish than San Fran and better Pacific sourced fish than NYC.

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