Flowchart: Let’s Grab a Beer!

Chart layout by James Norton / Heavy Table

This chart, of course, just scratches the surface and — due to space and organizational concerns — omits many other worthy establishments (Stub & Herb’s, Acadia, Groveland Tap, etc. and so forth). We hope that this is the beginning, not the end, of many a quest for a great local pint or bottle.

Doug Hoverson is the author of Land of Amber Waters: The History of Brewing in Minnesota (University of Minnesota Press, 2007).

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  1. Always dig these flowcharts but FYI Chatterbox doesn’t brew on site.

  2. Dave Anderson 04/26/2010 Reply

    There is no Gasthaus. Try Gasthof.

  3. “There is no Gasthaus. Try Gasthof.”

    Really? I’m pretty sure that the owners of the Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter in Stillwater would disagree with you.


  4. eek- I would presume that after someone decided “Brewed on Site” five questions previously and realized they’re bringing kids, they would be forced to compromise on the fact Chatterbox’s brews are made in Stevens Point.

    Also, German beer drinkers, if you haven’t ventured out to Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter, make a weekend day trip out of it: Aamodt’s Apple Farm and St. Croix Vineyards are right on the way.

  5. Aaron, precisely right re: Chatterbox. I think the original chart had language to that effect, but the result was a flowchart even more comically overstuffed than this one.

  6. gotcha..

  7. Steve Wright 04/27/2010 Reply

    “Brewery too clean” -> “Belgian” is comic gold. Looking forward to future versions of this flowchart. Bulk it out and it would make a great poster.

  8. This is beautiful. You could develop the crap out of this and sell it as an awesome poster for us Twin Cities people.

  9. Curtis 04/27/2010 Reply

    The Happy Gnome is much better for Belgians than The Muddy Pig.

  10. Curtis-

    Unless something has changed recently I would beg to differ. Maybe a two-stop pub crawl is in order. Or heck, just go back and forth between the Muddy Pig and the Happy Gnome after each beer. That’s a Saint Paul Belgian Beer Pub Crawl right there.

  11. Curtis 04/27/2010 Reply

    I don’t know, Aaron, lists amok!

    Happy Gnome Beer List

    Muddy Pig Beer List

  12. Well, while the Happy Gnome Beer list might be up-to-date online, the Muddy Pig beer list online is just an excerpt from their three-ring binder and huge chalkboard.

    For me, this discussion is worth going to both places ASAP to make a determination.

  13. Curtis 04/27/2010 Reply

    Never accessed The Binder. I wallow in ignorance.

  14. I wouldn’t call it ignorance, the Muddy Pig’s website sucks. To their defense, however, they switch up what they have on tap and in stock on a continual basis. Some pages in their beer menu binders change weekly.

  15. Please send me beer flow chart to the above email, thank you

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