Stillwater’s New Gastropub

The Kitchen — a Jim Kyndberg (Bayport Cookery) and Ben Hiza / Erick Harcey (Victory 44) project located in Stillwater — is doing its soft opening this week, according to a detailed piece in the Stillwater Gazette. The article notes: “Kyndberg defined the menu as ‘American brasserie,’ featuring staples such as roast chicken, steak, and seafood paired with classic side dishes.”


  1. MAB

    Really? Really?
    Did you check out the logo? Jim went from the epitome of food to a French maid logo place? Really?

  2. James Norton

    For anyone intrigued, as I was, the logo is right here:

    In the logo’s defense, it is fairly high end (i.e., the French maid lacks features and is therefore understood to be a kitschy representation of the idea of the sexy French maid, not one particular French maid you might hope to meet if you dine at the establishment.) That said… well, judge for yourselves.

  3. Son

    MAB- How can you judge a place just by the logo?? Do you know what The Kitchen is even about? What kind of food they have? I think the logo is great. And who are you to judge what Jim decides to do with his career.

  4. Lisa

    We ate here last night and we really enjoyed the food. We had the scallops with succotash, and thought it was fabulous. Also had the ribeye, and that was also very tasty. The acoustics in the restaurant made it somewhat loud, but all in all would recommend this place…

  5. LKB

    My dining experience at The Kitchen was nothing short of fabulous. I ordered the Salmon, received a beautiful ( large) piece of possibly the most perfectly prepared salmon I have ever had. Served with Brussels sprouts and a perfect pancetta sauce…all for 16 bucks. It had the Kyndberg flair all over it. What an asset to Stillwater…and Welcome back Mr. Kyndberg!!!

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