The Kitchen

March 25 Morning Roundup

Rick on Il Gatto’s Rick Kempf: “His eclectic cooking is appealingly rustic without ignoring critical technical details,” some insight into the evolving food situation at First Avenue [via LOL/OMG], an interesting Japanese-named gruit ale at Dave’s BrewFarm this weekend, and Katie reviews The Kitchen in Stillwater.


September 23 Morning Roundup

Rachel hits Cru (“underappreciated things can really shine”) and the Kitchen (“you really should order the crab cake”), a book review of Just Food (which makes the case against much local, organic food growing), Dara will be on stage with Ruth Reichl (and has begun the promotional blitz for her book, Drink This: Wine Made […]


Stillwater’s New Gastropub

The Kitchen — a Jim Kyndberg (Bayport Cookery) and Ben Hiza / Erick Harcey (Victory 44) project located in Stillwater — is doing its soft opening this week, according to a detailed piece in the Stillwater Gazette. The article notes: “Kyndberg defined the menu as ‘American brasserie,’ featuring staples such as roast chicken, steak, and […]