The Taste of Grass-Fed Beef

“Is it sacrilegious to not care for grass-fed beef?” asks one of our commenters, remarking on an item about Thousand Hills Cattle Co. Anyone care to make a case for the way grass-fed beef tastes, pro or con?


  1. HungryinSW

    I use both in my diet, although I do get a heavier dose of grass-fed. I think it’s a preference thing, and no amount of food religion (although I land closer to the Pollan camp) can change what food tastes like to you, individually. I think a lot of it relies on the skill of the cook as well. I will say that there are certain styles of cooking and preparation that are better utilized when dealing with grass-fed, just as there are for the corn-fed counterpart.

  2. Joanna

    I love the way grass-fed beef tastes. Once I discovered it, I stopped buying any other kind. That may not convince anyone else, but it convinces me!

  3. Rickie Lee

    I find that it tastes “meatier”, perhaps mildly “gamey” but I like that flavor better than corn fed beef.
    The trick is not to overcook it- it has less marbling than conventional beef. Certain cuts are naturally more tender and of course, ground beef for a burger. Marinating or slow cooking in some liquid also helps.
    mmmmmmmmmmmmm good!

  4. Jake C

    I love the way grass fed beef tastes, and I choose it whenever possible. As far as I’m concerned, grass fed is what beef SHOULD taste like. Corn fed beef is just another industrial product produced to suit the (bland) tastes of the masses.

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