October 19 Morning Roundup

Eating Animals does the math and figures that even the world’s happiest cows (like those at Thousand Hills) cause environmental damage, TC Restaurant Blog has a crash-and-burn experience at The Strip Club, Red Pepper picks up on OM’s noisy club vibe and hates the hell out of it, Mecca’s got insight into Landon Schoenfeld’s upcoming Haute Dish, True Thai wins a Thai government award, a caramel how-to by Gastronomy 612, and a Lift Bridge beer fest dinner at the Lake Elmo Inn, and a review of Cocina Latina.


  1. mike

    The Strip Club – Is it sacrilegious to not care for grass fed beef? Fall of 2007 we ordered a quarter cow from Thousand Hills and in Fall 2008 we ordered a half cow from another organic/grass fed producer. We have also eaten grass fed beef at several local restaurants including The Strip Club. My family has given this a noble effort, but we definitely prefer the milder taste and softer texture of corn fed beef. My kids got to the point where they wouldn’t eat beef tacos or sloppy joes with the grass fed hamburger. Are we the only ones?

  2. Jason

    My wife, whose two favorite foods are sloppy joes and spaghetti, hates the stuff. It’s too firm. I don’t feel quite as strongly, but corn-fed is definitely better.

  3. Jeff

    Compared to grass-fed beef, corn-fed beef doesn’t taste like anything. It’s bland and lifeless. I don’t think it sacrilegious to dislike it, but I think you’re wrong think so. :)

  4. Jessica

    I really think that it is what you are used to eating and just how your particular palette is. I grew up eating corn-fed beef, but once I tasted grass-fed, I knew I liked grass-fed better. Some people, having grown up eating corn-fed, feel that that that is what beef “should taste like” and anything different is “gross” or “wrong”. Others, like me, like the flavor and texture of grass-fed and see it as “this is what is should taste like”. Are you wrong not to like grass-fed? I don’t think so. It’s just what you are used to and how your palette is.

  5. John Minn

    I have to agree with Jessica, whatever you are used to and maybe even whatever is different – whenever friends from Europe come to visit they rave about the taste and tenderness of the (corn fed) beef here compared to the (grass fed) they are used to.

  6. Eric

    To me, grass fed beef has a distinct flavor, similar to Bison. After having it numerous times (mostly Thousand Hills meat bought at Kowalski’s), I’m still undecided as to whether or not I really like it.

    I’ve served it to a few of my friends (without telling them that is was grass fed) and the reception has been good almost across the board.

    I think it is nice for a change, but I’ll take the flavor of corn fed more often.

  7. artsy

    I think I’d rather have meat from a healthier animal, ie grass-fed, figuring it’s better for them and better for me. Feeding corn ups the fat, just like it does with high carb diets and many humans these days. I don’t get liking ‘softer’ better, just like I think whole grain bread is much more interesting and yes you have to chew it. Once you get used to that your teeth enjoy having something to do that’s beyond baby food.

    And it’s palate, not palette. Palette refers to artist’s paint-dish and colors.

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