September 3 State Fair Roundup

Seems like we gotta run out of State Fair stuff soon, right? Not quite yet: Cafe Cyan wraps up Minnesota Cooks at the State Fair and her Fair food tour, Rick Nelson’s Top Ten bites from the Fair, and via our Flickr pool: funnel cakes, idyllic caprese on a stick, and Gizmo sandwiches awaiting baking by uisgeaon, plus Mouth Trap cheese curds by Pfutz.

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  1. Kate

    I’m happy to report that, having wandered the fair for six hours yesterday, prior to Rick Nelson’s ‘Best Of’ List, I consumed approximately 75% of his list and enjoyed every single item immensely. The frozen apple cider was phenomenal, and weirdly had me wishing for a sultry August day to make it even better. The giant juicy messy peach was the best I’ve eaten in ages and left me craving more. No fair trip is complete without 1919, the smelt got a shrug from the teenager with me, leaving me to consume it fully, with pleasure and the Summit is always remarkable. I did see those fish tacos and briefly considered it, but gasped at the cost. Now I’m kicking myself. Fish tacos, when done well, are an amazing dish.

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