November 2 Morning Roundup

Bill Roehl describes “the worst fucking meal I have ever had at a restaurant, ever” at the Parkway Grille, a City Pages shout-out for upcoming food book events featuring Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl and our own Becca Dilley plus yours truly, a claim that fresh pumpkin makes a better pie (not what our test kitchen has found, but hey, if you like extra work…), “okay” fish and chips at the Central Ave. Seafood Market, Chef Lenny Russo questions USDA loans for factory farms, Draft magazine writes up the spent grain bread collaboration between Lift Bridge and The Bikery, some local fancy turkey options, just in time for Thanksgiving orders, Aaron gives Seward Co-op’s frozen pizzas a middling grade, and spooky candy corn “children” atop a corn muffin.

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