November 9 Morning Roundup

Thoughts on the hunting and cooking of grouse, octopus dumpling adventures worth following (featuring an √¶bleskiver pan!), Eating Animals points out that the USDA is not, repeat not the US Department of Animal Welfare, the Whitest Thing That Ever Happened*, the Second Whitest Thing That Ever Happened, a review of India Palace in Eden Center, […]


November 2 Morning Roundup

Bill Roehl describes “the worst fucking meal I have ever had at a restaurant, ever” at the Parkway Grille, a City Pages shout-out for upcoming food book events featuring Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl and our own Becca Dilley plus yours truly, a claim that fresh pumpkin makes a better pie (not what our test kitchen has […]


October 1 Tweet Rodeo

@MotoI2Go offers a chance to win a free pass tomorrow or Saturday to their $175 day-long Sake Education Day, @YoungChef2 enjoys last night’s Be’wiched Beer Dinner, @JustFood announces a chance to chat live today with USDA Deputy Secretary Kathleen Merrigan, @NgonBistro offers a three-course beer or wine pairing this weekend, and @MWMicroBrews tries, but fails, […]