North Coast Nosh IV: The Recap

Sarah McGee / Heavy Table

Peace Coffee’s South Minneapolis roastery played host this Saturday evening to more than 300 guests and 22 local purveyors of food and drink at the fourth edition of the North Coast Nosh sip-and-sample. Music and a lively crowd fed a warehouse-party vibe, and fine eats from Minnesota and Wisconsin fed the guests. (Tickets are now on sale for North Coast Nosh V at Open Arms on Aug. 17; for more on Peace Coffee, check out our profile, our cinemagraphs, and photographer Becca Dilley’s making-of post.)

Sarah McGee / Heavy Table

Staffers from Peace Coffee hosted three 15-person cupping classes (above top and bottom right) and made pour-over coffee for all the evening’s guests.

Sarah McGee / Heavy Table

Above, from top down and left to right: Cookie Cart (teamed up with Cedar Summit Farm milk), Chowgirls grits paired up with Sadia’s Gourmet Sauce, Gastrotruck sliders being made, Sadia Abdi from Sadia’s Gourmet Sauce, the sliders (ready to eat!), Harriet Brewing, Bliss Granola samples with yogurt, and the granola displayed in bags.

Sarah McGee / Heavy Table

Above: HeathGlen’s Blueberry Lavender Merlot Jam, Gai Gai Thai hot sauce paired with Patisserie 46 pastry, Summit Stout floats with Peace Coffee-flavored Izzy’s Ice Cream, Lucid Brewing, charcuterie from Three Sons Meat Co. (formerly Green Ox), Bogart Loves doughnuts, chocolates from Patisserie 46, Cocoa and Fig oatmeal peanut butter sandwich cookies, Four Daughters wines, pretzels from Common Roots, the mascot for Cakedy Candy Bars, Alemar Bent River Camembert on bread, and Caves of Faribault blue cheese.

Sarah McGee / Heavy Table


  1. Rashmi

    how do we participate in the next Nosh? We at Gorkha Palace would love to provide some samples of Indian Nepali & Tibetan foods. Thank you!

  2. Moe

    After one of the previous North Coast Nosh events, I complained about Summit only bringing regular bottles of their standard beers, so I definitely want to thank Summit for stepping up and offering someone different than just the beers. Beer floats with Izzy’s Ice Cream was an excellent idea. Kudos.

    My only complaint after this one was that the selection of items was mostly sweets, beer, and cheeses. I really missed not having the food trucks (Nate Dogs, Veelee, and World Street Kitchen) that was at the NCN at Peace Coffee Shop back in October. The Gastro Truck sliders were very good, and the meats from Three Sons Meat Co are always excellent, but I would have loved to see more.

    Other favorites, the Gorgonzola dipped in honey and coffee was just outstanding, as were the cookies from Cocoa and Fig. Bogart Loves doughnuts were excellent as well, and I can’t wait for the Kingfield Farmers Market to start up again so I can get more.

    The cupping class was a very nice touch as well, learned a lot about the process, though it was so loud in that room, that it was very hard to hear. I highly recommend the Mastering Coffee at Home class that Peace Coffee offers at their shop on Minnehaha.

  3. Nick

    Loved the Nosh. Next time it would be nice to see a few non-alcoholic drink offerings (besides the always wonderful Peace Coffee).

  4. Erica M

    I loved that Cookie Cart was there. I loved to see the pairings of purveyors! Well done. I liked Four Daughters (I’ve only been to one other NCN, so I don’t know if they’re usually there). I don’t do much wine tasting, so I really appreciated having a local vineyard there to talk about the fact that there are, indeed, local vineyards. I agree with Moe on Summit’s offerings. I was disappointed in Cakedy’s execution but glad to have a chance to try the product after reading about it here.

    It was nice of Lucid to participate, even though I hated both their beers. That’s just me, though.

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