The St. Paul Food Truck Court Plus Natedogs

Sarah McGee / Heavy Table

Long lines and exhausted menus marked the successful debut of the St. Paul food truck court this Wednesday, on Kellogg Boulevard between St. Peter Street and Wabasha Avenue. The collection of trucks included Chef Shack, Cafe 128, Gastrotruck, Fork in the Road, and Simply Steve’s…. plus a gourmet dog biscuit vendor.

Heavy Table contributing photographer Sarah McGee was there and writes:

“We arrived before the noon rush and the lines were already long. I’m sure they will be even longer next week as the word gets out. A coworker went by at 1:30 and found all of the trucks were out of food. It really couldn’t have been a nicer day and I’m thrilled to have another lunch option in St. Paul. My biggest complaint — there’s no real seating in the immediate area of the food court and the City of St. Paul should really add some trash cans and recycling bins on site.

Before rushing back to the office, I tried a few things pictured below. The soft taco is a sweet potato black bean taco (two for $6) from Chef Shack. Very good.

The sliders were the red quinoa curry sliders from Simply Steve’s (one for $3.50 or two for $6) — I just had a bite of a friend’s. Good, but could have used a bit more kick.

The beef skewer is one of the Ginger Soy Sirloin skewers from 128 Cafe and they were amazing. Pricey at $9 for two, but they were tender, lean, and flavorful. They were served with rice and some pickled cabbage/carrots.

The crispy tacos are the Albacore Tuna tacos from 128 Cafe. Just snapped a picture as they were sitting on the window, so I can’t tell you how they tasted, but they looked fantastic.”

Sarah McGee / Heavy Table

Sarah also caught new vendor Natedogs on his first day in St. Paul. Although he planned to spend just one day this week in St. Paul, the demand from Capitol staffers during the final week of the session brought him back every day.

Sarah McGee / Heavy Table

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