Mill City Tavern and Morning Roundup

Rick recovers recipes from the North Shore, a new book by a local author called There Exists an X, X is a Sandwich “examines the sandwich as object of art, existential interlocutor, and source of unexpected meaning,” Heavy Table staffers talk beer, Birdhouse, and hot dogs on WCCO radio with John Hines, DeRusha digs the Lenny Russo-guided Mill City Tavern at the airport, WACSO spots (and sketches) Garrison Keillor at a Dunn Bros., details on pumpkin seed oil, tasting notes from Ecopolitan, a new St. Paul Farmer’s Market video featuring Russo (and a recipe for his shell pea mint sauce), a week in the life of Andrew Zimmern, and my new favorite local liquor store commercial, a funny and somewhat dubiously premised spot for Chicago Lake Liquors.