Mike Phillips Set to Leave Craftsman

Aug. 18 the last day for Chef Mike Phillips at the Craftsman. No details yet on who is replacing him. Via email, he writes: “I am leaving the Craftsman on the 18th of this month and starting down the road to meat production here.” He promised a press release early next week with details. Phillips has done a much-lauded job at the restaurant; among other things, the Washington Post praised his efforts here; we awarded him our first annual Silver Whisk for Best Chef.

UPDATE, Aug. 9: Phillips will be working as a subsidiary of Cara Pubs, the group that runs Kieran’s and The Local, among others. The name of the new company will be Green Ox. Per the press release: “Our long-term objective is to develop Green Ox into a brand that gives our region an artisan food product with far ranging retail distribution.”

SECOND UPDATE, Aug. 9: We interviewed Phillips about his new venture.


  1. Moe

    Wow, that’s really too bad. Good for him, but bad for The Craftsman and the neighborhood. I wish them all the best.

  2. Dale

    Yes, I live in the neighborhood and have loved the food he did both at Chet’s and at Craftsman. I assume he won’t take any aging hams with him so the charcuterie plate can live on and hopefully he leaves enough notes for someone to soldier on in his place.


  3. Brian Ames

    this will be interesting to see Mike run this passion.

    i can imagine the difficulty he may have had in balancing both professions. these kinds of interests tend to take over ones life and leave little time for contemplation and leisure etc.

    the good news is I expect we will possibly be able to buy his products retail to enjoy at home etc?

  4. Moe

    Any word on who will be replacing him at The Craftsman?

    Green Ox sounds like it could be really great, and I assume the Heavy Table will follow up with the venture down the road.

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