Feb. 24 Morning Roundup

Metro Magazine presents thirteen of the best bakeries in the Twin Cities, a rundown of Friday fish fries by Stephanie March over at Mpls.St.Paul, Stewart “Shefzilla” Woodman Dee Wayne tears into the Mpls.St.Paul readers’ picks for best restaurants with righteous and well-founded anger (Best Seafood… #4 Red Lobster… Christ!), and Dear Dara wimps out by granting sweet anonymity to a local “expensive Italian restaurant” that’s serving “sour and hospital-like” coffee.

One Comment

  1. Dee Wayne

    Mr. Norton–

    With all due respect, your reporting is inaccurate. Stewart Woodman is not ripping into Mpls. St. Paul, it was me…Dee Wayne. Give credit where credit is due…dude!

    All of my love,

    Dee Wayne

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