Knife Sharpening Sale and November 18 Tweet Rodeo

@AimeeCheek announces that an old cell phone donation at M & I Bank gets you a free @SmashburgerMSP coupon, @KnifeGuy344 recommends cheap sharpening at Eversharp’s Annual Knife Sharpening Sale, @SurdyksLiquor extends their heart healthy sale, @DeRushaEats comments on the latest polemic commentary from outspoken chefs (shefs?) Shefzilla and Lenny Russo, @StribTaste notes celebrity fans of […]


Sulfur Shelf Shrooms and September 8 Tweet Rodeo

@TroutCaviar seeks ideas for “sulfur shelf shrooms” (aka chicken of the woods), @128Cafe and @ScottPampuch team up in St. Paul to make ratatouille and poached eggs, @CakeEaterBakery promotes their new daily commuter special, @S4xton points to a “chef v. chef Twitter battle” (or, more accurately, chef v. Shef), and @GrassFedCattle offers a Facebook Fan Special […]