June 22 Morning Roundup Part II

News tidbits from Midtown, Kingfield, and Uptown farmers markets, how to buy seafood and ensure a fresh meal (from a former oceangoing crab and salmon fisherman), some wonderful-looking homemade summer drinks from Food Snobbery, a 7 Up / blueberry cake, and kind words for Heavy Table’s serial novel from a chef.


Feb. 24 Morning Roundup

Metro Magazine presents thirteen of the best bakeries in the Twin Cities, a rundown of Friday fish fries by Stephanie March over at Mpls.St.Paul, Stewart “Shefzilla” Woodman Dee Wayne tears into the Mpls.St.Paul readers’ picks for best restaurants with righteous and well-founded anger (Best Seafood… #4 Red Lobster… Christ!), and Dear Dara wimps out by […]