February 15 Morning Roundup

Pondering why bakeries are closed on Sundays, insight into beef stroganoff,  a chowhound rants about the service at Nick and Eddie, and Alemar camembert.  I may post some more stuff later today. Right now, after six hours of Febgiving food and drink, I’m pretty well spent. Well fed and socialized. But spent.


Feb. 24 Morning Roundup

Metro Magazine presents thirteen of the best bakeries in the Twin Cities, a rundown of Friday fish fries by Stephanie March over at Mpls.St.Paul, Stewart “Shefzilla” Woodman Dee Wayne tears into the Mpls.St.Paul readers’ picks for best restaurants with righteous and well-founded anger (Best Seafood… #4 Red Lobster… Christ!), and Dear Dara wimps out by […]