All-You-Can-Eat Paella and Morning Roundup

A review of St. Paul’s La Grolla restaurant, an early write-up of Madison’s Asian-themed but German-named Dumpling Haus, the debut of the Twin Cities Coffee Guild site, a bread contest at Mill City Farmers Market, a visit to Callister Farm (we dug our Slow Food dinner there), reflections on Mill Valley Kitchen, a look at Dogwood Coffee cuppings, all-you-can-eat paella by Chowgirls plus a showing of El Bulli: Cooking in Progress this Sunday, the lawsuit challenging restrictive marketing of the¬†SweeTango apple is settled in favor of the University, photos from a preview breakfast at Aster Cafe, and a rare mixed-to-poor review of Masu (we really enjoyed and continue to really enjoy it.)