Aster Cafe

New Mesa Pizza Location and July 1 Tweet Rodeo

@andrewzimmern says Victory 44 is the best local restaurant that no one has heard of nationally, Molly Maher & her band will play at @astercafe on the 4th of July before and after the fireworks, @FreshTartSteph reminds her followers that she won last July’s @KingfieldMarket berry bake-off and shares the winning recipe, and @atruparJournals announces […]


Glimpses of The Lowbrow and Morning Roundup

The sign and menu from the newly opened Lowbrow (website’s incomplete; Facebook is more useful), a sneak peek at Summit Unchained #6 (a Gold Sovereign Ale), DeRusha thinks Bar La Grassa could’ve gotten Trainer Bob that elusive reservation (“a smart restaurant knows how to take care of VIPs without hurting regular customers”), and a look […]


May 25 Morning Roundup

Perennial Plate covers the contentious issue of Native American fishing rights, Zimmern rattles the Measuring Spoons of Highly Probable Doom for Ringo and the Forum, Rachel on the Aster Cafe reboot, Adam Platt sizes up the good sausages and bad pizza at Target Field, and Aaron weighs in on Red’s Savoy Pizza in Uptown (“I […]