Wondrous Dim Sum and Morning Roundup

Rachel digs the dim sum at Wondrous Azian, Crispin’s newest cider (or “apple wine,” I guess?) is called The Jacket, Crystal praises the Punjab Glory at Cooper,  DeRusha unleashes his inner old cranky curmudgeon as he lashes out at loud restaurants, Chef Shack is shutting down Oct. 31 this year and then it’s off to NYC, the South, and Asia (via email), a local food blogger does a star turn in the Strib, Tim McKee is advising an upcoming robata place called Masu (oh, man, love that robata), a Chicago blogger tours some cutting-edge (and / or staunchly old-school) Wisconsin cheese plants, Aaron at Captain’s Chair reviews the new Lift Bridge Chestnut Hill, and a fantastic vintage 1982 video reviewing the local buttered toast situation.