Uncle Franky’s v. Wienery

A recent Uncle Franky’s email update best described as “deranged” reads, in part: “Anyhow kudos goes out to the wienery for their [best of 2008 City Pages] hot dog winner, hmm they use a processed frozen bun and an 8/1 nc dog w/mustard on the side,mmminnesota, lol.” For the record: a City Pages Chicago Dog crawl ranked both the Wienery and Uncle Franky’s at the top of the pack.


  1. Billy D

    Hands down it’s the weinery. My girlfriend ate at Uncle Franky’s last december and got sick with a parasite. It took her until February to get rid of it.

  2. MSPD

    I love the Wienery and ate there yesterday in fact. The Walkin’ Dog also deserves to be included in the conversation.

  3. Jason

    Billy, by all means, if your girlfriend got sick with a parasite once, then the debate is over.

    That e-mail was INSANE! I love Uncle Franky’s, but whoever wrote that thing better chill it out.

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