The Megalops and Catfish Experience

Now’s the time to step up and support Mississippi Megalops: “an all-night nuit blanche art festival taking place from sunset to sunrise across the Twin Cities of Minneapolis-St.Paul, Minnesota on June 4th & 5th, 2011.” It features “sparkling performances, illustrated presentations and other works of artistic & scientific expression, presented aboard the authentic Jonathan Padelford sternwheeler paddle boat as it makes its way up and down the Mississippi River, illuminating the shores of St. Paul.” Support this crazy, beautiful future work of art at a high enough level, and you’ll obtain a fried catfish dinner for yourself and a guest with the Megalops programmers and artists. Epic.

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  1. LiaM

    I went to a Nuit Blanche elsewhere last October, and thought it was a really fun, cool event that would be a great thing for artists in Minneapolis to try out. I hope they get it off the ground!

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