Vincent Wins the Chef Challenge and Morning Roundup

Chef Vincent Francoual triumphs (and wins $10,000) in the Minnesota Monthly Local Chef Challenge, a blogger calls the St. Paul location of Black Sheep Pizza a disappointment compared to its Minneapolis brother, Chicago craft brewer Goose Island is going to be bought by Anheuser Busch, it sounds like Cowboys and Bamboo Betty’s in Lexington are a coupla rockin’ joints, win a copy of The Minnesota Table (read our review here), Michael Agnew assesses Firkin Fest (better than last year — but still too crowded), a look at what happens when a co-op (in this case, Harvest Moon) starts carrying Coca-Cola and other mass-made industrial food, Moto-i’s patio opener is just what the doctor ordered, and what may be the funniest/scariest photo ever of a contestent after winning the Buffalo Wild Wings Blazin’ Challenge.