The Inn Shuts Down and Morning Roundup

Dara and Rick report on the closure of the critically acclaimed but poorly patronized Inn (here’s our mostly positive review), a blind taste test of Minnesota wines over on G. Sheaves, this Chicago Tribune story about disgruntled former Pabst executives is not really local but is a fantastic read, a late-breaking smelt fry essay (our cartoon bespangled version is here), a City Pages reader decries Rachel’s “classist” description of some South Minneapolis lawns as being unkempt (breaking news: some of them are, and one of them is mine), an awesome-sounding Summit beer dinner cruise with founder Mark Stutrud, a terrific profile of the Seward neighborhood (featuring Coastal Seafood, United Noodles, True Thai and more), a write-up of Beirut Restaurant in St. Paul, and a gorgeous series of chicken-focused farm photos from HT contributor Natalie Champa Jennings.

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