The Forum Postmortem and Morning Roundup

The restaurant winner of America’s Next Great Restaurant is still secret but is also now hiring, Common Roots is offering a Passover menu [PDF], consideration of whether Aquavit Restaurant (or Aquavit Cafe) would survive in Minneapolis 2011, Rick’s analysis of the closing of The Forum and Jim Ringo’s bad year in restaurants, a formula for how to assess restaurant value (as inspired by our Gianni’s review), environmentalists launch a very mild wild rice hotdish protest over the proposed weakening of water pollution standards, Pulitzer-winning critic Jonathan Gold remembers his first taste of cheese curds (“I went back to the kitchen and was sharing with people, and I said, ‘I wonder if anyone’s ever thought of deep-frying these?’”), and Andy Sturdevant presents a year-by-year breakdown of whether he should take his date to Tumbleweed Restaurant.