The Cranberry Bride

Courtesy of Becca Dilley Photography

Last autumn, Heavy Table photographer Becca Dilley teamed up with Heavy Table contributor Sarah McGee and took a remarkable series of photos at a Wisconsin cranberry bog. The shots, featuring a model immersed in and / or surrounded by ripe floating berries, are a remarkable (heck, probably unique) intersection of fashion photography and Upper Midwestern food culture. You can see more shots — including a dramatic cranberry fairy princess photo — over at Becca’s blog. You can also read our story about cranberry pollination — again, featuring Becca’s photos from the Wetherby Cranberry Company of Warrens, Wisconsin.

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  1. artsy

    Wow Becca will you please be my wedding photographer? I’m thinking of an apple orchard in bloom as my backdrop….groom? still working on that…. Faith

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