Is Groupon Killing Local Food?

Lenny Russo, writing in the Star Tribune, addresses the role coupons, specials, offers, and other limited time gimmicks play in building restuarants up… and potentially tearing them down. “It’s like a miniature Ponzi scheme,” Russo writes. “A restaurant sells a product for less money than it needs to break even.  The hope is that people will continue to patronize them which allows them to service part of their obligations.”


  1. Moe

    Very interesting. We just took advantage of a groupon this weekend at Solera. We found a $50 coupon for only $2, spent $150 between four of us on the total bill and had a great time. But I can’t say I’ll be going again any time soon, not unless we find another great deal like that.

    The deals Punch Pizza has been doing lately has me even more confused though. Seems like they are giving away pizzas fairly often, so often that I have no need to go unless it’s free or BOGO.

  2. cindy

    i actually just found a local restaurant that i NEVER would’ve tried if it weren’t for a groupon. and we will be going back…

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