Taking a Stand Against Holy Land

Doodledee is furious about shrinking Holy Land hummus containers that now also have cardboard packaging and strikes back by publishing a hummus recipe that you can make right in your very own home. Also if you read too much Doodledee text you start to pick up the blog’s crazy wild-eyed unpunctuated all caps-studded writing style which is VERY ADDICTIVE.


  1. geoff

    I stopped patronizing Holy Land about 3 years ago when they were posting anti-Israel slogans in the restaurant on Central. It’s my policy to avoid any dining establishment that espouses an outward political bent left, right or otherwise.

    I did find it funny, though, that their hummus as seen in Byerly’s several months ago, was labeled as “Garlicky Homos”

  2. James Norton

    I actually took a photo of the “garlicky homos” sign a few months ago, thought about posting it somewhere, and then quite reasonably thought better of it. It was definitely eye-catching. I hadn’t seen the anti-Israel stuff, though, that’s quite disturbing. Does anyone know if that stuff is still up?

  3. Alexis

    Just finished a tub of jalapeno and was wondering the same thing.

    Love this comment on the blog: “…i liked the old school packaging that would rip your thumb off if you opened it wrong. also, had holy land yesterday at the market. still tasty. and have you noticed that they give you about 7 oz. of hummus with your gyro plate?”

    True! And extra stuffed inside your veggie gyro for good measure.

  4. ldfs

    I noticed some changes, mostly for the worse, in one of their other products and wonder if they are in any way related: I was very dismayed to discover that Holy Land vegetable pies, which are sold in the little convenience store near my office at the U of M and are one of my favorite “grab-and-go” lunches, have suddenly been radically changed.

    The first thing I noticed is that they are a different shape — they used to be fat triangles. Now they are half-moon-shaped, which is fine, but they are also seemed flatter and skimpier. I also noticed the crust has changed. It appears to be whole wheat now. That change I approve of. Unfortunately, however, the they also changed the filling, which now has some kind of horrible, bitter-tasting spice mixed into it. It tastes totally different, and totally unpalatable. I sent them an email with my feedback but haven’t heard anything about it.

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