Minnesota State Fair

Dean Langenfeld’s Blue Ribbon Wine

G Sheaves interviews the Minnesota State Fair blue ribbon winner for wine, University of Minnesota med student Dean Langenfeld. “The goal is to make it taste good. I’m after the final product, not the art of making it. So, I can buy these organic fruit juices… if I’m making a Gewürztraminer that usually has apricot […]


Camel on a Stick and So Forth

Ten vendors from Midtown Global Market will be among the thronging multitudes hawking food and more at this year’s Minnesota State Fair. Highlights: Jamal Hashi‘s camel on a stick and the potentially more palatable mango on a stick*, Italian soda and garlic cheese bread from Jakeeno’s, a Manny’s Tortas booth, and the Fair debut of […]


March 24 Morning Roundup

Nalapak Indian restaurant closes (temporarily…?) [via Chowhound], a passionate call for just drinking from the damn tap already, Rachel does a happy hour roundup, Martha and Tom get back to the garden, it’s Våffeldagen (Waffle Day!) at the Swedish Institute on Saturday, chicken-fried bacon is coming to the State Fair (just five months, folks), some […]