Minnesota Lunch

The Bullfrog Opens and Morning Roundup

The kind-of Bulldog-associated Cajun-inspired Bullfrog bar opens tonight, praise for Aji in Hopkins, Wuollet Bakery is now open in the skyway, a bit of detail about Kitchen in the Market, there’s a new email listserve for Minnesota urban farmers, Rick likes the Scotch egg (and more) at Urban Eatery, and a kind review for Minnesota […]


Forum Closes and Morning Roundup

Poof! Jim Ringo’s Forum goes dark, news of a Seattle restaurant specializing in Upper Midwestern food (including jucy lucys), meditations on the upcoming Burnsville location of Burger Jones, Chowhounds savagely debate whether Heartland is truly great or grossly overrated (for what it’s worth, the last meal we had there was superb), a farm on a […]