The SweeTango Apple Takes Manhattan and Morning Roundup

METRO puts out a great-looking Twin Cities brewery checklist, a review of Damien (a small beer derived from Darkness), Minneapolis City Council changes an ordinance to allow microbreweries to operate next door to a church, how to have a Minnesota locavore Thanksgiving, when social media collides with traditional tailgating, some noteworthy 2011 books about food including Minnesota Lunch, the New Yorker files a story on the SweeTango (here’s ours), news about Fulton opening its brewery plus future plans, Target and McDonald’s give up on MN-based Sparboe Farms eggs after evidence surfaces of animal cruelty and sanitation problems, the Charlie Award winners, and Iggers visits Muddy Waters.


  1. KTFoley

    If anyone uses ttwitter or tumblr, and if the spirit moves you, would you be willing to let the MetroMag people know that they might want to correct the spelling of Harriet on their brewery map before they do a print run of hard copies?

  2. Emily Nystrom

    Good call, KTFoley. MetroMag should also correct the spelling of “responisbly” in the upper right corner (and should perhaps hire a proofer).

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