Forum Closes and Morning Roundup

Poof! Jim Ringo’s Forum goes dark, news of a Seattle restaurant specializing in Upper Midwestern food (including jucy lucys), meditations on the upcoming Burnsville location of Burger Jones, Chowhounds savagely debate whether Heartland is truly great or grossly overrated (for what it’s worth, the last meal we had there was superb), a farm on a truck is coming to Minneapolis, why 112 Eatery rocks (and Minneapolis sucks), the Minnesota Historical Society kicks off a “Sandwich Salon” in support of Minnesota Lunch: From Pasties to Banh Mi (which was also just reviewed in the Bemidji Pioneer), the historic Whitey’s Cafe of East Grand Forks is up for auction this May, an epic local beer and cheese spring fling, Mrs. Kelly’s takes second place in a North American Tea Championship category, Reducer is holding a Cosby-inspired Bacon Burger Dog recipe contest, the state of Minnesota as rendered in Chex mix, big plaudits for a great-looking smoked salmon dish at the Harbor View Cafe in Pepin, WI, and a comic strip rendering of the contribution made to local gastronomy by Paul Bunyan’s tooth.


  1. Christina

    They close just weeks after selling Living Social $35 for $75 deals. Fraudulent and deceptive not to disclose to consumers/Living Social the economic state they were in.

  2. Brian Ames

    and here I thought it was only people who choose to go into farming who never do their homework or consult with experts etc before investing in a new business.

    my favorite phone call was from a couple who wanted me to mentor them them in beekeeping but they were concerned about the time commitment since that had 300 apple seedlings in a greenhouse they were babying. they were clueless to the concept that apple varieties are grafted and trees are never grown from seeds as the seeds have unknown parentage.

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