Somali Food Goes Mainstream and Morning Roundup

The owner of Aster Cafe is turning Preston’s into Republic; Nestle may acquire General Mills; the Living Green Expo at the State Fairgrounds on May 7-8 will include more than 300 exhibitors and / or activities; Iggers pens a convincing survey of how local Somali food is moving toward the mainstream (see also: our story about Safari’s camel burger); MPR profiles Heavy Table contributor and artist-about-town Andy Sturdevant; gorgeous photos recapping an Ale Jail / Caribe dinner event; the Well Fed Guide to Life hits Mozza Mia (here’s our take on it); a brief profile of the two newly made master cheesemakers of Wisconsin (bringing the total to 51); details on the upcoming Tour de Farm breakfast and Corner Table CSK; an Easter bunny made of bread and filled with dip; an open question as to whether restaurants that disappoint deserve a second chance; and Rachel assesses the state of dining in Hopkins, including Samba, Curry ‘N’ Noodles, and Aji.