Mozza Mia

Two Views on Mozza Mia

Zimmern dines at Mozza Mia and kneecaps it: “The cooking itself was deft, but the ingredients and formatting were oddly more Nashville than Naples. And when it comes to pizza, that ain’t good.” But the blog You Care What We Think visits and digs the meal, concluding: “I’d recommend this place to anyone.” Our review? […]


BLVD Feels Great and Morning Roundup

Bobby Kahn debuts the Tim and Eric-esque Pizza Time show on MPLS.TV, a roundup of local ways to give back to the community this Thanksgiving, Zimmern offers good insight into what might make the upcoming Pizzeria Lola special, Marianne Miller loves the look and feel of BLVD (Rick concurs, saying that owner Dean Vlahos “deftly […]


June 7 Morning Roundup

RIP Derrick’s and Cru, Town Hall is opening a second location (in South Minneapolis), some thoughts on Marla’s (note: We’ve experienced exactly the same missing doubles thing; complain bitterly if it happens to you), the new Parasole place at 50th and France will be called Mozza Mia, Target Field is breathing some new life into […]