Sea Change Revisited and Morning Roundup

Demand for organic milk is outpacing supply, an enthusiastic review of Sea Change, DeRusha hits Pat’s Tap and Eat Street Social, and Lee’s Liquor Lounge may be up for sale.

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  1. Chris

    I’ve waited forever for Eat Street Social to open — I was a huge Town Talk fan — but last night’s service was absolutely terrible. I have a really high tolerance for bad service, and I know how restaurants take a while to find their groove, but seriously: it was bad.

    It took nearly three hours to get a table drinks and apps. The drinks took forever, but two different waiters explained that the “bar is slammed” and “it’s really backed up.” Two minutes later (!!!) the waiters and other bartenders are downing drinks behind the bar and taking pictures! I mean, that’s just insulting, and really embarrassing.

    Really, it was a hugely depressing experience. I’ve been a fan of these guys forever, and I felt like I was let down. I’d email instead of being a dumb internet commenter, but it looks like there’s no email address on their website or NE Social’s.

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