Pat’s Tap

The Post-Holiday Roundup (Beer Edition)

Motor Trend makes a big Midwestern beer run and stocks up on New Glarus and Dave’s BrewFarm product; a taste of Schell’s Snowstorm; Summit’s ninth Unchained beer will be Dunkel Weizen by brewer Eric Bloomquist; Trout Caviar looks back at 2011 and a surprising pumpkin seed harvest; the Well-Fed Guide to Life visits Pat’s Tap; […]


The Post-Holiday Roundup (Cheese Edition)

How Wisconsin cheese is striving (credibly) to be recognized as world-class and some sweet Wisconsin cheese plates, why Iowa’s Prairie Rose cheese works well in fondue, Kevin Kathman (Barbette, Pat’s Tap) is off to reinvent Jack’s (in the vein of Piccolo and / or Travail, apparently), the Well-Fed Guide to Life heads off to Tandoor, […]


Casey’s Bar to Become Pat’s Tap: Details

The Bartmann folks put out a press release with details on the makeover of the Casey’s Bar location (3510 Nicollet) — the new place will be a gastropub called Pat’s Tap. Food is set to include charcuterie, mussels and frites, house made pastas, and burgers… and the Skee Ball machines will raise money for local […]