Pig Uteri, Awkward Photos, and Morning Roundup

CNN profiles a Minnesota farmer who’s fighting one of the Gulf of Mexico’s biggest “dead zones,” G Sheaves goes white wine tasting at a local Trader Joe’s, Jason DeRusha says a photo of our State Fair team depicts a “group of goofballs” [image of DeRusha provided for context here], a blogger praises Subo (our considerably older review is here), former Town Talk bartender Nick Kosevich (who contributed a story about the Old Fashioned to the Heavy Table) gets a little ink promoting his upcoming Milwaukee bar Distil, Aaron gets some unfortunate-looking photos of Lunds pizza, Simple, Good, and Tasty runs down the forbidden Fair favorite foods of local food personalities, a portrait of Sea Salt on a hot day, cast your vote over at Food Network for local food truck darlings Chef Shack, a gorgeous-looking pate with bacon and chantrelles being prepared at the new Heartland, Perennial Plate heads out to the Boundary Waters (part 1 of 2), and Jeremy Iggers says “no thanks” to Hmong-style pig uteri at Destiny Cafe. So: Who’s going to go out there and get us a uteri review? “Not it,” incidentally.


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