October 23 Morning Roundup

Bill Roehl disembowels Molly Cool’s Seafood Tavern (“disgusting,” “a huge disappointment,” “ruined by sauces and blackening spices,” and more), a new fro-yo place called Frulala is on the way, arctic char is hot right now, a photo of the new Barrio truck, Hungry in SW tackles the topic of local restaurant marketing and offers praise for Shefzilla and Punch but jeers for Parasole, Scottish style ale is the second of Summit’s “Unchained” beer series, a peek at Kieran Folliard’s new pub, Cooper, celeriac at Midtown Farmers’ Market, Mecca offers a mixed review of Lyndale Tap House, and the Manny’s Tortas team takes to YouTube and makes a free dessert offer — good until Oct. 25 [thanks to iBurt].

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