November 5 Morning Roundup

Rick Nelson declares Sea Change “sublime,” Dara offers a grand tour of the new restaurant scene (OM, Sea Change, Ginger Hop, and more), some good press for The Master Cheesemakers of Wisconsin, a stunning photographic tribute to this fall (a rough season for farmers), the always helpful City Pages month in review, Chef Scott Pampuch introduces Jorge Guzman, his new chef de cuisine at Corner Table, Well Fed Guide to Life heads to The Gold Nugget, food for thought on the wastefulness of bottled water, chowhounds tear apart Victor’s 1959 Cafe, and Katie raves about the Billi Bi soup at Meritage.

One Comment

  1. HungryinSW

    Anyone notice the Sea Change Pic in the Strib today? I’d say 80% of the folks you could see were 50+, leading me to believe that the place is still seen as a pre-theater restaurant and not a destination restaurant, although this review will certainly help. I wonder if it will ever break away from that perception (though, I may be the only one who still believes that)?

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