Who Are We Not Following?

Do you know of a good local food- or beverage-focused blog we’re not reading? Are you a Midwest-based journalist with a food column we’re not linking to in the sidebar? Do you Tweet about restaurants and we’re not following you? Do you have a tumblelog about food and we’re not friends yet? Do you take great photography of food and aren’t in our Flickr group? Drop us a note in the comments with the places, people, and things we’re not following but you think we should — regardless of what medium. Or converse about your favorite sites and personalities on Twitter. A random commenter, chosen this evening, will win a pair of tickets to The Affair this weekend ($50 value). (UPDATE: Congrats to Tracy who won!)

For reference, find us on Facebook, Flickr, Foursquare, Posterous, Tumblr, Twitter, and our forthcoming email newsletter.


  1. Kristi S

    Hey guys, great idea for a post. I am going to have to look through your links and add them to the Twin Cities Restaurant Blog. Twitter people too! That reminds me to look for Heavy Table of Twitter too :)

  2. ryanol

    My friend Leslee writes wine reviews, rants, recommendations and cheese pairing ideas on a blog called the Crush Pad over at http://www.amuseewine.com/blog.

    Some fun quirky takes on wine reviews like trying to pair wines to specific music or concerts. What to pair with “eating crow” ala the Brett Favre trade (shes a sconsinite.

    Give it a read, it’s mildy promotional towards her wine event business but overall has lots of solid tips for exploring new wine varietals and where to find them at different shops around town.

  3. Stephanie

    I write “Bacon Wednesday” on “Because Emily Says So.” Kind of a stretch, but I do write about delicious things on my own blog fairly often. Because, you know, food = win.

  4. James Norton

    Hey all, great suggestions so far, and thanks! I thought I’d share our criteria for listing a food blog in our sidebar. First and foremost: In most cases, we really want something local, like Minnesota / WI / Dakotas / Iowa local. If most of the content could be written for audiences anywhere, no dice. Second, frequent updates. Weekly is great, although we understand that most folks have a 2 or 3 week lapse once in a while. Third, we look for some kind of thoughtful angle or expertise that sets the author apart, and a corresponding strength of voice. Beyond that… eh, it’s kind of fuzzy. We like stuff we like! But there’s lots of likable stuff out there, thus the long (and soon to be longer) blogroll.


    James Norton

  5. Diane

    I often tweet about food, restaurants, parties, openings, etc. Feel free to hop on over and check me out on Twitter: bunny_mpls

    I’ve even met you at a dinner party this past summer at PAIRED.

  6. Diane

    Oops, that was Becka Dilley & James Norton whom I met this summer, not Aaron. Sorry, my mistake. Follow me on Twitter anyway, if you like.

  7. Tracy

    I write a blog called Adventures in Fake Meat where I review fake meat (or meat alternative, if you prefer) products from an omnivore’s perspective. I update every Friday.

  8. jane

    People tell me they’ve noticed most of my twitter and FB statuses are about food.

    Come to think of it, many of my bookmarks are for food websites. I sure do like food.

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