Northbound Smokehouse Opens and Morning Roundup

Leine’s rolls out Big Eddy Baltic Porter, our Pinterest presence is humming with some new activity, fond memories of (the now reopened) Little Tijuana, praise for a three-course dinner special at Cafe Levain, I’m pleased to know that there’s a place called Monk’s House of Ale Repute, some serious coffee geekery (aka some exacting definitions of what makes espresso espresso) presented by Dogwood, upcoming Trout Caviar events, a taste of Cow Bella gelato in St. Paul, a fight to forestall a sheriff’s sale at Mai Village, local burger and frozen custard chain Culver’s rates highly in a ranking of national burger chains by atttribute, coverage of Northbound Smokehouse and Brewpub’s story and opening (here’s our recent interview with brewer Jamie Robinson), and 10 questions for Chef Russell Klein of Meritage.