New Nordic Buzz and Morning Roundup

The New York Times documents our New Nordic trend, Pat Murray (owner of Murray’s Steakhouse) dies, a salute to the traditional red-sauce Italian-American food of DeGidio’s, gourmet smorrebrod from Trout Caviar (right on trend!), a mixed-trending-positive review for Karta Thai in Northeast, apparently tomato thieves plague our community gardens (what are they using the tomatoes for? homemade marinara? gazpacho seasoned with moral regret? just sliced thin and served with extorted basil and embezzled mozzarella?), the problem with wood-fired pizza, Minneapolis Coffee hits The Beat and Corner Coffee and Bob’s Java Hut, the Well Fed Guide to Life heads to George & the Dragon (Louie the Loon went, too) and a WACSO illustration from Alexis Bailly Vineyard.

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  1. Trout Caviar

    This Canadian-American of German, Scottish, and Ukrainian descent could not be more delighted to be riding the great new Nordic wave. As a bred-in-the-bone son of the north, I come by it honestly. Thanks, as always, for including me in The Churn. And a great big skol & husker du to all~ Brett

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