June 11 Morning Roundup (Plus Parenthetical Asides)

A chowhound takes a bite of Pizza Nea (and doesn’t even finish the “very tough” crusts), if you can stand another rhubarb recipe A Crafty Lass has a good one (it’s a drink!), Sue Doeden offers up rhubarb-peach coffee cake (AAUGH RHUBARB), the multi-generational secret behind the fried bananas at True Thai (and why you can’t have it), black chocolate party cake at Heavenly Cake Place (looks difficult to make), and Tastebud Tart praises the huge burgers and gingerbread pancakes at Stabby’s (soon to be named 2009 City Pages Best Casual Breakfast Place in South Minneapolis at Which to Be Stabbed).

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  1. Aaron Landry

    Mr. “kevin47” over at Chowhound must have really had an unusual Pizza Nea experience — and I’m glad he decided to try it only once before trashing it in a forum. For him to say there wasn’t any specials is bizarre — I’ve always seen the specials on little cards on the table as well as on the chalkboard in the back. I try to visit Pizza Nea frequently: I was there with my girlfriend last Sunday. We got the Caprino e Treccione and Quattro Formaggi and had a hard time determining which one was better — they were both fantastic. From the fresh ingredients, friendly service, flavorful crust and very well balanced taste, it’s hard for me to imagine that “kevin47” was dining at the same place we were. As a frequent visitor, I’ve never had anything close to what “kevin47” described.

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