Heavy Table Hot Five: Sep. 29-Oct. 5


Each Friday, this list will track five of the best things Heavy Table’s writers, editors, and photographers have recently bitten or sipped. Have a suggestion for the Hot Five? Email editor@heavytable.com.

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Joshua Page / Heavy Table

1-new - one - hot fiveCured Ham and Peaches at Lyn65
If you like prosciutto and melon, you’ll love peaches and ham. This well-composed dish is rich, sweet, salty, and spicy (the heat comes from Fresno chilies, which we’re happily seeing on more and more menus). It works as a starter for two, entree for one, or, in our case, opening act for the Lyn’s excellent pork chop.
[Debuting on the Hot Five | Submitted by Joshua Page]

James Norton / Heavy Table

2-new - two - hot fiveCrepe Cake at Bellecour
Bellecour’s Crepe Cake is deceptively simple — just a stack of dozens of layers of lightly sweetened vanilla cream spread between dozens of impossibly thin, buttery crepes. But there’s something about this quiet, mellow dessert that’s riveting. It may be the delicate texture, or it may be the shy friendliness of the dish as a whole, but once you’ve started eating it, it’s essentially impossible to stop.
[Debuting on the Hot Five | Submitted by James Norton]

Becca Dilley / Heavy Table

3-new - three hot fivePaleta de Fresa (Strawberry Popsicle) at La Michoacana at Lake Plaza
Some of the best (and least known) cool treats in Minneapolis can be found at the La Michoacana stand located within East Lake Street’s Lake Plaza. Our favorite among the shakes and malts and various pops was the simple strawberry popsicle. Nothing more than slightly sweet cream and frozen strawberries, this beautiful frozen wonder is clean and perfect, impossible to improve.
[Last Week on the Hot Five: #1 | Submitted by James Norton from the upcoming East Lake Checklist]

Amy Rea / Heavy Table

4-new four hot fiveCrawfish Po’ Boy at Sea Salt Eatery
Summer is coming to an end, and if you want to cry in your beer about it, you could do worse than stopping by Sea Salt Eatery before it closes shop for the season on Oct. 22. The gargantuan crawfish po’ boy will put you in a summery mood, no matter the weather.
[Debuting on the Hot Five | Submitted by Amy Rea]

James Norton / Heavy Table

5-new -fiveKinderKrisp Apples at Apple Jack Orchards (and elsewhere)
Our favorite orchard (see our exhaustive orchard fun analysis) is Apple Jack, and our new favorite apples are KinderKrisps. A (much) smaller version of Honeycrisps, these things are meant to fit comfortably into the hands of a four-year-old, but they make fine snacks for adults, too. Just get ready to polish off two or three juicy, crisp apples at a go.
[Debuting on the Hot Five | Submitted from an upcoming East Lake Checklist story by James Norton]

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