Sea Salt Eatery

DWITT / Heavy Table


  1. Teresa M

    Yaay Louie! Thanks for the review of our favorite summertime hangout. Next time you’re there, try one of the po’ boys; the crawfish is particularly good, with literal heaps of light, crisply fried little crawfish on a huuuge split roll. Be sure to help yourself to several varieties of the hot sauce found inside, to the left of the service area; you’ll certainly discover a new favorite hot sauce because the variety on offer is outstanding. The crab cake sandwich is also worth going for, as is the Ahi tuna burger. And for the perfect Summer Date Night, go on Thursday when, weather permitting, our favorite local band is playing for free on the patio from 5 to 7. The three- or four-piece combo, Nikki & the RueMates, plays a blend of blues, jazz, swing and folk that is hard to describe but really great. With a po’ and a pitcher, and the Falls roaring in the background, it just doesn’t get any better than this.

  2. Revenant

    Louis may want to stay away from the crab cake if he thought too much fish in the taco. That crab cake is bigger than his head.

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