GQ Goes Old Fashioned and Morning Roundup

Madison’s Old Fashioned makes GQ’s top 12 list of beer bars, a taste of raw kibbe from Emily’s Lebanese Deli, praise for the chicken wings at Icehouse (our review here; see also some serious praise for the wings at :D-Spot), a look at Slow Food’s University of Wisconsin-Madison cafe, Rachel reviews the Loring incarnation of Cafe Maude, an enticing review of Purple Door Ice Cream in Milwaukee, Chowhounds roast Oysterfest at Meritage (last year it was a toast; item corrected as per comments below), a look at the Russian food of the Minsk Market in Eagan, and a visit to Sweet Mullets brewpub in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin’s most awesomely named city.


  1. KTFoley

    Careful readers will notice that the links from “Chowhounds toast and roast Oysterfest at Meritage” are from two different years. The “toast” thread and all its posts so far are from 2011. The “roast” thread and all its posts are from 2012. I don’t get the sense that there were mixed reviews of this year’s event — indications point to a logistical mess.

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