Goda Cafe Opens and Morning Roundup

Dave’s BrewFarm will be selling beer at Miller Park in Milwaukee; Brenda Langton of Spoonriver gives The Human Doing a vegetarian cooking lesson; Deb Carey of New Glarus Brewing is named Wisconsin Small Business Person of the Year; the African-themed Goda Cafe opens at 34th and Nicollet; turmoil and intrigue vis-a-vis Oceanaire and McCormick & Schmick’s; Solo Vino proprietor Chuck Kanski unpacks the appeal of rosé wines; opportunities to meet the brewers from Rush River Brewing and Furthermore Beer at Common Roots this month; a 167-restaurant push to raise money to support Minnesotans with HIV and AIDS; a business profile of Patisserie 46; a shot of toffee ice cream with Heath Bar topping from Flat Pennies Ice Cream in Bay City, WI; Minnesota farm income was up last year; and a Minneapolis ad agency buys the Porky’s sign.

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  1. Brian Ames

    regarding the side note about farm income, its important to note that these statistics are mostly derived from commodity farmers who qualify and receive farm welfare or otherwise known as subsidy checks. commodity crops prices were good last year and the states corn crop did well.

    the kinds of farmers featured in Heavy Table typically don’t qualify for farm subsidies as they grow non commodity crops. instead some of them qualify for EBT, medical assistance and other forms of low income help. Hmong farmers report this season difficulty renting land as commodity crops like corn are at an all time high and rental land is in demand.

    a late frost in May of 2010, excessive rain and hail for the most part made for a difficult year and many growers are facing tough times yet as a result of lost income. the uncontrolled explosion of farmers markets is also hurting some seasoned growers who are seeing their market share dwindle or get spread around the metro to other markets.

    no i don’t think that if surveyed that overall the small farmer had a wonderful financial year in 2010. fuel prices and increased packaging costs are adding this to this seasons concerns.

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