Pi Day and March 14 Tweet Rodeo

The latest from Twitter: @spoonriver1 is hiring for the summer, @piccolo_mpls visits Korea restaurant on Oak St., the lunchtime crowd celebrated Pi Day by gobbling up every last piece of pie @PottersPasties, and on March 27 @BrodersPastaBar and @BrodersCucina will give 15 percent of their sales to @fultonmarketmn.


Goda Cafe Opens and Morning Roundup

Dave’s BrewFarm will be selling beer at Miller Park in Milwaukee; Brenda Langton of Spoonriver gives The Human Doing a vegetarian cooking lesson; Deb Carey of New Glarus Brewing is named Wisconsin Small Business Person of the Year; the African-themed Goda Cafe opens at 34th and Nicollet; turmoil and intrigue vis-a-vis Oceanaire and McCormick & […]


February 1 Tweet Rodeo

@TastebudTart notifies us that IKEA has improved its recycling program and food ware, @Spoonriver1 offers a three-course dinner for $20, @CocoaAndFig works on their chocolate cake recipe, @Chowgirls love the @SweetsBakeshop Breakfast Cupcake, and @KatieBips seeks salt revenge.