Gastro-Chaos Over On Shefzilla

Stewart “Shefzilla” Woodman plays a variation on one of his themes (journalists = bad) and mauls Landon Schoenfeld in the process, Adam Platt turns up and trumpets the circulation numbers of MplsStPaul, and someone who may or may not be Steve Marsh (the “white CJ”) notes: “Dude, that’s mucked up. You take the one pot brownie line from my story, ignore the other two chefs, and accuse me of sensationalism. Let me into your kitchen. I’ll write a story on you. Let’s see how tightassed your ship really is.” All in all: a mess. A big, nutty, entertaining mess.


  1. shefzilla

    I love the media (and by extension journalists), much the same way you love restaurants. My criticism of one story or idea, doesn’t equate to a dislike of all or anyone, in fact I am quite fond of y’all. Seriously. I feel eternally grateful for the nice things that have been written about the work of the various teams I have been on.

    Criticism isn’t a bad thing, it can make us better. This site could have an amazing review system, and be a, if not the leader. Instead it doesn’t, that’s a shame, doesn’t mean I don’t love your work, just wish it was better.

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